Sweater Weather Is Here - You Need the Perfect Sweater Scent

par Nicole Flamer

It's time to leave the sunny, fruity scents of citrus, watermelon and raspberries behind for something darker, fuller, sexier.

During the fall and winter, the air gets cooler and you aren't perspiring as much. Your fragrance will last a little longer on your skin and in your sweaters and scarves.

Ambers, musk, soft lavenders, and leather are excellent classic choices. These fragrances work with your individual body chemistry to form a natural signature scent.

I have compiled a list of my all-time favorite sweater scents for women and men.

I base inclusion on this list strictly on what fragrances continue to linger perfectly on the sweater after you have taken it off.

Aura, Thierry Mugler
Curve Crush for Women, Liz Claiborne
Black Orchid, Tom Ford
1 Million for Men, Paco Rabbane
Noir Ambre by Issey Miyake
Classic Old Spice
CK Be, Givenchy Pour Homme, White Musk
So get your sweater on and don't forget the perfect sweater scent.