About Us

**About Us**

**Welcome to I'm Spoiled!**

At I'm Spoiled, we're passionate about the world of scents and the joy they bring to our lives. We believe that life is only as good as it smells, from the aroma of your morning coffee to the fragrance you choose to wear each day. Our mission is to provide a delightful and aromatic shopping experience for scent enthusiasts like you.

**Our Journey**

Our story began in 2012 when we embarked on a mission to make the world of fragrances more accessible. While we adored the allure of perfumes and scents, we found that some of our favorite fragrances came with a hefty price tag. This inspired us to start selling perfume body oils on eBay under the name TopBodyOils, offering high-quality duplications of popular scents at more affordable prices.

Driven by our love for fragrances, we dreamed of offering more than just body oils. We envisioned a place where fragrance lovers could find everything they desired to live that fragrant life to the fullest. And so, I'm Spoiled was born.

**What We Offer**

At I'm Spoiled, you'll find a treasure trove of scented delights, from exquisite luxury perfumes and body oils to unique and eclectic diffusers that seamlessly blend into any decor. Our collection extends beyond fragrances to include floral-themed apparel, candles, jewelry, and a wide array of aromatic items for your home and personal enjoyment. We've even curated an assortment of items for kids and unique curiosities that you never knew you needed.

We call it living that fragrant life, and we believe it's the key to making every moment memorable. From the scents you wear to the aromas that fill your surroundings, we're here to enhance your life through the power of fragrance.

**Why Choose I'm Spoiled?**

If you're someone who:

- **SMELLS** everything before putting it on your body,
- Has a dresser filled with **over 50 perfumes**,
- Keeps an array of candles throughout your home (and backups in your drawers),
- Sleeps with **lavender in your diffuser**, and
- Must own any piece of clothing with a **flower** on it,

Then you're in the right place! At I'm Spoiled, we understand your passion for fragrance. Our carefully curated collection includes everything you need for living that fragrant life to the fullest.

**Join Us**

We invite you to explore our store, where you'll find a world of scents waiting to be discovered. We hope you'll love our offerings as much as we do. Be sure to connect with us on social media and explore our blog to stay up to date with the latest in the world of fragrances.

Thank you for choosing I'm Spoiled as your fragrant destination. Embrace the world of scents and experience the magic of living that fragrant life with us.