Deluxe & Different Perfume Oil - Sp-oiled!
Deluxe & Different Perfume Oil - Sp-oiled!

Deluxe & Different Perfume Oil

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You could wear what everyone else does.....

Or you could be different and unique

Try a new scent, create a personal classic.

Heavy Metal Rose Petal - Roses aren't delicate; they have thorns that hurt and you bleed. This Rose Scent is as hard as they come. A sassy blend of rose, musk and leather essence. This Rose rocks

Vanilla is Evil - Heady and overpowering, like a good vanilla scent should be. Not foodie and sugary, but strong, seductive and bold. This vanilla has some wood and green notes, the scent isn't playing around, it's looking for your head.

High Tea Society - Fresh and floral, a cloud of cleanliness and moral ambiguity. High class and sass. Tea Society is all about judgment and snobbery if you like that sort of thing. It is also sophisticated and nuanced for a discriminating palate.

All fragrances are oil based blends. No alcohol, no phthalates. They are bottled in amber glass to protect them from light degradation. 10 ml should last you a month with daily use.

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