Perfume Party In a Box | I'm Spoiled - Sp-oiled!
Perfume Party In a Box | I'm Spoiled - Sp-oiled!

Perfume Party In a Box | I'm Spoiled

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It's personal, it's intimate, it's original. Perfume Party in a Box allows you to create a unique event with your friends or family.

Each party box enables you to create a perfume bar with longlasting deluxe fragrance oils! Your party participants can pick and choose from 12 preselected scents chosen for their blend-ability to compose a unique perfume.

Your party will include customized labels. For example “Lola's Sweet Sixteen” or “Nikki's Bachelorette Party”. We can also leave the fragrance name blank and your guests can write in their scent names using a marker.

Each party kit also contains 12 rollerball bottles for your guest so they can take their special creations with them.

All fragrance oils are great alone or can be mixed together to create a layered complex perfume.

Each Party in a Box includes blending suggestions to help you create a unique and signature blend. Also included are pipettes to distribute the fragrance oils, gift bags, and detailed instructions on how you and your guests can create their scents.

Included Scents

Rose, Musk, Citrus, Leather, Green, White Floral, Amber, Vanilla, Lavender, Ocean, Green Tea & Candy 

Special request are accepted. Depending on availability it may incur an additional cost.

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