Perfume Oil Profile - Amber Exotica | Top Body Oils

por Nicole Flamer

Amber Exotica Deluxe Perfume Oil | Amber | Peach | Vanilla

The 1990’s typical mall. Teenage girls set loose to pass the time, scope out guys, and buy baubles, bath and body works.....
Sometimes there were secret shops, set up by exotic merchants, unbranded items, foreign to our suburban senses. It was in one such shop were this scent memory was born. I peered into a dark wooden box that housed small crystal pebbles of scented wonder. Amber, it was labeled. Here my search for a sensual exotic smell began.

My blend is amber, peach, and vanilla

Recommended for daily use.

You will receive a 10 ml clear glass roll-on bottle in a black gift box.

All our oils are skin safe, Phthalate-free, and free from animal byproducts.

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